Sunday, September 21, 2008

A Week Off

Okay, for those that don't know I'm doing my masters in archaeology. It is a truly wonderful experience, however I was getting sick (again) and decided to go back home for the week. Unfortunately my wife has to live in Calgary while I have to live in Saskatoon while I do my masters. So, I flew back home to spend the week and recoup.

I honestly meant to do some school work while I was away, but a little thing called movies got in the way -plus I was sick, did I mention that? So now that I'm back in Sask I thought I'd post about the movies I saw. Instead of working on school stuff of course -I may not be sick anymore, but procrastination is a more permanent affliction!

Movie 1. House Bunny. worth: $8 (what I think you should pay)
Very funny, though not too original. It is your typical 20-something or teenager chick-flick, but still has a few surprises that will keep you entertained. Basically the story is about an orphan who becomes a Playboy bunny. On her 28th birthday she is tricked by another bunny in leaving Hugh's Playboy mansion, where she resides. Distraught, she somehow ends up being the 'house mother' of a sorority at a university -I had no idea such 'house mothers' existed. The 'bunny' then teaches the sorority girls a few things while they teach her a few as well. Formulaic. There are many laughs and the characters are developed and generally well acted. The cast is fairly good, with two celebrity prodigies included: Bruce & Demi Moore's daughter, and Tom Hank's son, who I wish had a bigger part. Overall, worth checking out at a cheap theater or to rent (wouldn't pay 12 something for it).

Movie 2. Hancock. worth: $9
Enjoyable, but not great. The story is different from what normally occurs in superhero movies -which I am a BIG fan of. Will Smith stars and is, as always, great. The story while different is short. The movie ends and I began to think that this 1 1/2 hour movie only had about 1/2 an hour worth of story. Nonetheless, it was enjoyable with a few good twists and some great visuals which lends itself well to being viewed at the theatre.

Movie 2. Jumper. worth: $7.50
Unexpectedly a good movie. The plot is thin, but engaging. A young man nearly drowns but is
saved by discovering that he has the ability to teleport. He uses this ability to rob banks but years later realizes he is not alone and that a mysterious group /agency wants to murder him. Samuel L. Jackson leads the group that chases Hayden Christensen (who has vastly improved since being Skywalker). Jackson is as bad ass as ever, with really cool toys that he uses to catch the 'jumpers'. Diane Lane is also in it, although briefly. She is also as classy as ever. Doug Liman directed and his previous movies -the Borne series- definitely have a similar feel in comparison to Jumper. Overall good visuals and okay story -fun to watch but not overly memorable.

Movie 4. Definitely, Maybe. worth: $9

Very enjoyable, but if you haven't already figured out, I do have a soft spot for romantic comedies. This movies plot is different from other romantic comedies in that it portrays almost a decade of the main character's (played by Ryan Renolds) life. This was a pivotol part of the character's life where he meets three women. The story is told by Renolds as he attempts to put his daughter to sleep. He is currently going through a divorce and his daughter (played by Abigail Breslen, of Little Miss Sunshine fame) asks him about how he met her mother. The story is predictable, but plays out well enough to still be enjoyable. The acting is good and there are plenty of humorous moments to keep you watching.


The Lurker said...

Haven't seen the first three, but did rent "Definitely, Maybe" a few weeks back. I've got a soft spot for romantic comedies too - why I don't know they usually make me bawl like a baby! Loved it!!

Chino said...

House Bunny eh?

Lego Girl said...

And Ryan Reynolds is hot. Cara says so.