Pickle the Peanut: Supporting this Blog

I encourage everyone who visits my blog to help pickle this peanut! I don't mean for you to start making your own brine, although that might be kinda cool. Instead, I'm referring to you visitors throwing a couple of cents my way in support of this blog so that I can build this into a website of its own and to support the endeavors that I discuss here, such as investigating more geeky and dorky events!

Your contribution can be anything from twenty-five cents to over a thousand dollars. Contributions can be made through the Paypal link below and donations over $10 will receive thank you's (as in bribe) listed below! These "thank you's" (cough -bribe), are broken into levels of contributions where the more you give the more you get! Many of these "thank you's" come in the form of original illustrations made by myself. To check out my illustrations, go to my other blog to see examples!

Contribution of $10 or more: A postcard from where I live or somewhere I've been -could be exotic or horribly geeky!

Contribution of $25 or more: An original illustration on an ACEO card!

Contribution of $75 or more: An autographed small print of one illustration!

Contribution of $500 or more: A portrait of you, the generous contributor, posted on the website and the original sent to you along with two ACEO illustrated cards.

Below are sample images of art cards I have previously created of 40 different NHL goalies.

40 NHL goalie art cards (2011). Most were drawn with markers, and some with watercolor paint.