Wednesday, September 10, 2008


I remember, like so many.

This was the moment that started it all. I was in the distance but not part of then nor now. Those distant actions continue to pay forward. I wonder if these thoughts will return every year or if they will dispel into time like all others. What makes it unique though? Was it the past or the snowballed future?

For today I shall remember and hope all others will as well. But how do people remember? Surely, and sadly, it is different for each. Perhaps though, we can all remember in peace.

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CP said...

Well said. I think that even though we must go on with our lives, we must always remember. Over 2975 people died in the 9/11 attacks and there many thousands of ground zero survivors. Add to that the countless individuals who fell sick afterwards, the suffering of family and friends, and the unfortunate people who were the innocent victims of hate crimes in the aftermath of fear in the U.S. and the cost is absolutely incalculable. But it's strange to think that one day it will be just as real to young people as any other horrific thing that happened far in the past.