Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Rebel Pilots & from Yellow to Peach Heads

I have a number of Rebel pilot Star Wars Lego minifigures, but no duplicates except for my Luke Skywalker pilots. What can be taken away from looking at these minifigures is understanding if they come from an X-Wing or Snow-Speeder vs. another craft like an A-Wing or B-Wing. Also, to note that the earlier minifigures had yellow heads that are similar to other Lego series mini-figures. As the Star Wars Lego series continued through the years they switched to peach heads, which I personally preferred them staying with the earlier yellow ones.  (Photo left (left to right):3 figures from X-Wing set, B-Wing pilot, A-Wing Pilot, 2 pilots from Snow-Speeder, & Twin-Pod Cloud Car pilot)
A-Wing Pilot
B-Wing Pilot
The pilots from the A-Wing (7134) and B-Wing (#7180) sets have yellow visors, which is not something found on any of the other Star Wars mini-figures I own. What readily sets these two figures apart is that the B-Wing pilot wears a red jumpsuit, and the A-Wing pilot a green one. Both of these sets were released in 2000 and feature yellow-headed figures.

Twin-Pod Cloud Car Pilot.
Back of Cloud Car Pilot
Yellow Headed Snow-Speeder pilots.
Continuing with yellow-headed figures, the Luke Skywalker and Dak Ralter from the Snow-Speeder set (4500) both have yellow heads. This set was released in 2004, but 2 years later with the release of the X-Wing #6212 set, Luke's head is now peach. Another yellow-headed minifigure pilot comes from the Twin-Pod Cloud Car set (7119), released in 2002. A cool feature of this figure is that the back of the head features the computer console that was sported by the associate of Lando in the Empire Strikes Back.

One final point is that the flight suits for the Snow-Speeder and X-Wing sets discussed here are identical. I would think there should've been some sort of difference, but apparently not. Just take note of the heads though.

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