Sunday, June 6, 2010

The placement of soap dishes.

Why are soap dishes placed down low and near the bathtub when a shower head is installed with the bathtub? OK, this likely sounds odd right? Well here's my point: with a soap dish placed low on the wall and half-way between one wall and the other that has the shower head (as is in the bathroom shown to the left), the water of the shower head strikes directly on the soap dish and increases the rate that a bar of soap disintegrates.

When taking a bath it makes sense to have a bar of soap in easy reach. However, where it is in easy reach for the bath it is not for a shower. Further, the water spraying down from the shower head promotes a faster rate of the soap dissolving (as I said above). To me, the ideal placement for the soap dish should be on the opposite wall of the shower
head, preferably a foot or so above the tub lining. This allows the soap to still be accessible to those taking a bath while also out of the direct line of fire from the shower head. Logical right? Yet, few if any bath rooms have such an arrangement.

Since soap dishes are in an illogical location that promotes faster disintegration, I suggest that there is a conspiracy where soap manufactures want soap dishes to be placed where they are! They want your bar of soap to dissolve faster so that you can buy even more bars of soap! Why else would they sell soap in such large packages?

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