Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Fading Caffein


I want coffee to be pumped directly into my body. Fuck the container. Not that I mind cutting down a few trees to make a receptacle for a fine cup of coffee, for after all when I die I would be honored to have a fine cup of coffee drunk out of me. Soft lips searching for a liquid that can engage the brain and enrage the nerves. Pumping through the lines of the body, swirling through the tubes and slushing down into the pit only to sit and be soaked up. Soaked up like salty sweat into a shirt. Exposed to the air and the public, something that was once so private and vital but now available for the world to see.

Fuck it. Kick it down and sit. Take it as your own. Act like you wish you would and rethink it later.


CP said...

Maybe try some red bull. I think the pop machine in Place has Rock Star in it. There is probably also a coffee machine there now that I think about it...

The Lurker said...

Geez man, you've got it bad! I can bring you a bag of Kicking Horse Dark that you can chew on if you're that desperate! :)